Policies, Preparation and Clothing



The session fee is paid at the time you book your appointment. The fee pays for your portrait session and reserves the appointment.




You may preview your portraits from the comfort of you own home a few days after the session is completed OR set up a time to preview your portraits at the studio. After you have previewed your portraits, schedule a time to come to the studio to place your order with the help of the photographer. Senior previews are 4x5 prints packaged in a portfolio and box and may be taken out of the studio with a $150.00 deposit that will be applied to the portrait order. After the previews leave the studio, this deposit is non-refundable.




50% of your order is due when you place the portrait order. The balance of the order is due upon delivery of your portraits.




Your satisfaction with our work is guaranteed. If you are not pleased with your portraits, we will schedule a repeat session or we will refund your session fee.



The studio owns the copyright to all of our images. We trust that your honesty and integrity will prevent you from illegally copying our work.


This is a guide to designing a successful portrait with tips on preparing for your portrait. Please visit the galleries to see some examples of our work.

Avoid garments that completely hide the neck.

Long sleeves are preferred, bare arms call attention away from the face.

Dark clothing is slimming.

In fine portraiture, the goal is to direct the viewer's eye to the face.

For groups, choose garments within the same tonal range. If one person is in dark clothing and another in light clothing, the light color is more dominate and that person appears heavier.

Men should be clean shaven, with hair cut one week before portrait session.

Women should not experiment with a new hair style or color right before portraits.

If you wear glasses and want to wear them in your portrait, you must either remove the lenses or bring a pair of empty frames. Glasses lenses cause glare and distortion.

Stay away from busy patterns and stripes. Do not wear garments with writing or pictures on the front. Do not put giant hair bows on children.

Wear garments that fit well. Especially for small children. Do not wear baggy garments.

White garments are good for white backgrounds. Dark garments are good for darker backgrounds. Do not wear garments that contrast, such as a light top with a dark pant.

Include items to personalize your session. Sports equipment, pets, musical instruments....

Stay away from stripes.